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I've been fortunate enough to work at interesting startups & large corporates in India. Any combination of new ideas, technology, and music always excites me. This excitement led me to start OKListen in 2012 which was acquired by AWAL in May 2023. I also backed Beatroute in 2021 and angel invested in Bonomi & Athlos, brands that are driven by passionate founders. I absolutely love running, which has been the core of my transformation, both physically & professionally. The lockdown helped me discover coffee brewing at home and these days, a good cup of pourover coffee is my new joy.

While you are here, do read about AERF which does some amazing work in forest conservation in the western ghats & ABBF which is championing disability inclusion in India.


Here's a playlist of tracks that I am listening to on loop currently. Here’s what i was hooked onto in 2023


Here's a list of books I'm reading this year. Books I read in 2023, 2022, 2021 & 2020